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We are building companies that unlock human potential. We care about creating the future of living + work. We are builders, designers, experimenters, and collaborators working to redefine venture capital.

Why we share

Founded on the basis of diverse experiences, with the purpose of instilling a collaborative culture to reimagine innovation.

Things we ask

Got an answer?

How can we make entrepreneurship more inclusive?

How can we use technology to uncover solutions to substantial, overlooked problems?

How can we reimagine the relationship between corporations, creators, and influencers?

Who you are

As a venture studio, we are focused on experimentation. We have assembled an eclectic team to effectuate bold ideas aimed at maximizing human potential through technology, design, science, marketing, and business.

We are recruiting diverse candidates for roles both within the studio and at our individual portfolio companies. We are looking for data-driven and design-oriented individuals looking to make an impact on the future of life and work.

Open roles

Courtney Rice


loves hikes + dogs + Asana boards

Christine Nguyen

Product Manager

loves coffee + whiskey + tropical house

Some people you will work with

Jean-Daniel LeRoy

Design Fellow

loves travel + pasta + miniature pigs


We look forward to hearing from you!

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